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WODFitters Assisted Pull-Up Band

I have patients use this band at home so they are able to help move their hip, shoulder, and ankle joints.


This is a great piece of equipment to work on both strength and stability.

Cocolime Fitness

Love this company for their safe workouts for Fibromyalgia

Rock Tape

This is the tape I use in my practice to help stretch and support muscles and tendons. I have found this to stay on the best out of all the tapes I have tried.

Compression Socks

These are the compression socks I use and recommend for shin splints, swelling, ankle pain, and post exercise recovery.

Sombra Warm Therapy

This is my go to lotion in my practice. It contains a small amount of capsaicin which helps to heat and loosen the muscles. It's great for muscle strains and I often use it to help me warm up before a run.

Fit Simplify Loop Bands

I use these bands all the time for arm and leg exercises. I have tried many different brands and these really hold up well over.


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