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Derma Edge muscle and fascia tool logo
Derma Edge muscle and fascia tool logo

Dr. Kristie Ennis, DPT, CSCS, the creator of the Derma Edge and Body Vitality video series.


The NEW and IMPROVED Derma Edge is an easy-to-use, handheld device to help release tight spots in the muscles and fascia.

  • The specific design with the handle makes it easy for anyone, even those with hand and wrist pain to hold and use. Now that the blade and handle are one piece, it’s even easier to hold!

  • Puts the power in your own hands to fix your pain instead of heading to the doctor or therapist.-P

  • Design enables you to use it on all body parts.

  • Aluminum material and shape allow you to feel the tightness and restriction so you know exactly where to work.

  • Works right away. The appearance of cellulite is diminished after 5 minutes and pain/discomfort is relieved within a few minutes

  • Shape and design let you gently work on the areas that need it without bruising or pain. The updated version has a smoother edge making it even more comfortable on the body.


Brand NEW Derma Edge!



Momentum Physical Therapy and Fitness, delivering physical therapy services in Laconia, NH, specializes in helping you recover from any injury or condition that limits you from doing what you love.


You can train with Dr. Kristie Ennis, a certified personal trainer who is also a doctor of physical therapy, a certified strength and conditioning coach, nutritionist, and an accomplished athlete in her own life.


Designed specifically for people who have experienced back pain. Get back to living the life you love!



About Dr. Kristie Ennis


From the beginning, I wanted to operate Momentum Physical Therapy differently. My practice is one where you can come in, meet with me one-on-one, and together we can tailor a plan for your specific needs.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, accident or illness, I take the time with you to learn about the demands on you and how you can return to full capacity as quickly as possible. I also look ahead to the future to consider preventing injuries from recurring and building up your personal fitness so you can live life at your best and most energetic.

"My philosophy is to get you back to living your authentic life as quickly as possible without medication or surgery."